Welcome to Unrestricted.biz! This website will provide information and tools, that will help you save your identity while browsing web pages on the internet. Unrestricted is a web based proxy tunneling application - it uses a web server to "proxy" your internet connection to the web pages that you want to visit, without exposing your IP address. Unlike the VPN solutions, you do not need to install any additional software or to make any changes to your computer. There are several types of web proxy scripts - zelune, glype, phproxy, cgiproxy. All of them have similar functionality, but a different principle of work. For example, the phproxy script uses only php to proxy the pages, however glype script needs the cURL library to work. The cURL library is actually a "virtual" web browser, that is used to deliver the web page data. Cgiproxy is not a php script - it is a CGI script.

Internet Identity - some technical details.

Saving your identity on the internet is becoming more and more serious problem. To be "anyone" on the internet is not that easy - every website that you visit logs information about you - using your IP they could find a lot. That's not the last problem - the websites could save cookies on your computer and track you the next time you visit their website. They could know who you are, long before you register an account on their website. Unrestricted.biz provides optional SSL encryption for free - you can start using it by clicking here

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